Your Favorite Sports

                                           Your Favorite Sports

    Everybody has favorite sports of his/her own. It may be cricket, football, badminton etc. Like others I have also a favorite game. It’s football. Now-a-days it is an international game and is played all over the world. It becomes popular to the spectators.

     It is an outdoor game and it is not very costly. It ends in one and half an hour. The short time makes the game popular. During the game the spectators remain in complete excitement. This is the only game which is so much exciting from the beginning to the end.

         It needs a large field and the field should be 120 yards long and 80 yards wide. There are two goal posts in the field. The game needs two terms to play. Each team has 11 players. They are a goal keeper, two full backs, three half backs and five forwards. A referee conducts the whole match. There are also two linesmen to help the referee. Each team tries to score goals. The team that scores more goals wins the match.

     The importance of the game is great. The game makes the players strong, healthy, energetic and active. It teaches us group, discipline, leadership, friendship and brotherhood. For all these reasons it is my favorite game.    

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