You are Inevitable Part of My Life.

        Every relation is based on Trust and respect, even if that relation is for short duration or without having any name. A little step towards misunderstanding can bring the gulf of thousands of miles between the hearts.You don’t know you are inevitable part of my life. I don’t think anything without you. How can I forget you? Long time why you are silent? I don’t know what is the cause? Up to now I pursuit your momentous advise. Now and then I miss your radical idea. I guess now you should do something better than before. Go ahead you will be achieving your goal and will regenerate in future. But enormousness never cannot give mental peace & happiness. As if it serious your decision of course you will get your prospective thing. In any adverse I always appreciate actually you are an aware able & sophisticated person. Also I know you are ego trip. Sometimes you can take crucial decision. Most of the time I tolerate it. Sometimes it falls on the brutal. It’s a peril. Somebody told me many times now you have major change. There is no anything substitute. Now I feel, life is really unpredictable, so I must always be ready what ever happened in my life, in good things and bad things. And it happened with purpose and if you’re with Allah you can easily accept it. Everybody experienced it. So do I….. If you are a caring person keep it up!!! Coz others will appreciate it but sometimes also so painful especially to someone special and if he is not, at least you’ve showed how you fell, I felt the same way

You can do everything in your life which you want. It’s your life. You can’t say what can I do common 1st you are a young ration and life is beautiful. God gave you everything which you want in life. Now everything will be fine! Now I have another think I don’t like my life because I don’t have anything in my life no happiness nothing, but god has give me this life to do something good on the earth, I am not leaving for myself but I want leaving for everybody who love me, care me, respect me, who share my all joy & sorrows. When they are happy I am also happy I feel so good in my life.
But we always wanted more and more and never think of what we have today to relish and enjoy the blessed moments. This is very common in human beings. Only when we lose any relation or if we get far away from our relatives, we get to know how important were they in our lives on which we never give a thought when staying too close to them so cherish what you have today and never spend the time whining for what you don’t have. Sometimes can’t right .I can’t thinking so many as my situation. I can’t think for tomorrow. Now I spend my time for my child. You are a beautiful and sweet. Possible to identify you. If you want you. Life is ups and down, so we must always be ready for anything that happens in our daily life whether positive or negative for God is there to care for us and get us true’

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