Writing Style of William Wordsworth

Writing Style of William Wordsworth:

1. Wordsworth has used the rustic language in his poems after having purified it of its coarseness and other defeats. He has put forward certain reasons for choosing the rustic language for his poetry.

a. The Rustic people can hourly communicate with the best objects of nature from which the best part of the language is derived.

b. Living in the natural and narrow circle of society and being less under the influence of social vanity, they convey feelings and emotions in a simple and unelaborated language. This language is for more philosophical and easier to understand than the artificial diction used by the neoclassical poets of the time.

2. According to Wordsworth, the language of Prose and that of Poetry are closely related with each other in their nature, function and appeal. They are composed of the same materials; they originate from the same sources and appeal to the same faculties. He gives an emotional utterance to this idea same; “Poetry shades no tears such as angels weep but natural and human blood circulates through the veins of them both”.

3. Wordsworth quotes a sonnet of Thomas Gray who always stressed the difference between the two (prose and poetry) and proves that even in poetry the language of significant lines in no respect differs from that of prose. So, he says that, “Their neither is nor can be, any essential difference between the language of prose and metrical composition”.  

4. The only difference between the two (prose and poetry) is metre. He affirms that metre is not an essential factor for poetry; it is merely a source of pleasure super added. 

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