Write an email to your friend inviting him to your birthday.

To: Mitu@gmail.com
Subject: Invitation in my birthday.
Sent: Sunday, 18 May, 2013, 4.00 P.M.
Dear Mitu,
You will be happy to know that my birthday is on June 14. My parents have arranged a tea party at our home at 7.pm. You are invited in my birthday.
Your loving friend

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    • siraj on November 27, 2019 at 4:52 pm

    Hi Jaber,

    How are things? … How’s life with you? Good I hope. Sorry it took so long to write.

    Anyway, the main reason I’m writing is to tell you that Ali is leaving for a new job in Jeddah. So we’re having a ‘farewell” party for him at his favourite restaurant – Chili’s by the Corniche. Can you come? We’d all love to see you.
    By the way, don’t tell Ali … it’s all a surprise. We’re collecting money to buy a present – everyone’s giving around SR 50 each. Any ideas about what to buy?

    Send me an email back if you can come. Be in touch soon!
    Love from

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