an application about seeking permission for a friendly football match.

22 April 2013.            

The Headmaster,          

Monika Mazhar High School,                          

Tongi, Gazipur.              

Sub: Prayer for a friendly football match.                          


We beg most respectfully to state that we are the students of class vii in your school. We wish to play a friendly football match with the students of class viii today after 4th period. Recently we have arranged all the arrangements and our sports teacher Mr. Jahid agreed to supervise the match. We hope that it will be an interesting match for us.                           

May, we therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to allow us to play a friendly football match in our school field.                              

We remain  sir                                

Your most obedient pupils                            

The students of  class vii

[by mazhar 01740163613]

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