William Shakespeare Passage

William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) was born at Stratford-upon-Avon in a house in Henley Street. His mother, Mary Arden, was one of the daughters of Robert Arden, a yeoman farmer of Wilmore: his father, John Shakespeare, was a Glover and wool dealer of good standing. From the age of seven to about 14, he attended Stratford Grammar School receiving an excellent well-rounded education. At the age of 18 Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, who was eight years his senior and she was the daughter of a farmer. He then became actor-manager and part-owner in the Black friars and afterwards the Globe Theaters. Shakespeare’s acting career was spent with the Lord Chamberlain’s Company, where he was a first-rate actor. The company was renamed the King’s Company in 1603 when James succeeded to the throne. Among the actors in the group was the famous Richard Burbage. The partnership acquired interests in two theaters in the Southward area of London, near the banks of the Thames – the Globe and the Black friars. Shakespeare returned to Stratford for his later years where he died at the age of 52 and now lies at rest in his special grave at Holy Trinity Church.

1. Complete the following table with the information given in the passage.   1×5=5

Who/ what Event/ activity Where/whom When
William Shakespeare was born Stratford i) ———-
He married ii) ———- 1582
His acting career was spent iii) ———-  
He returned Stratford iv) ———-
He died   v) ———-

2. Write True or False. If false, give the correct information.                               1×5=5

a) William Shakespeare’s wife was 8 years senior than he.

b) Anne Hathaway was the daughter of a writer.

c) Shakespeare’s acting career was spent with the Lord Chamberlain’s Company.

d) At the age of 52 he breathed his last.

e) Shakespeare died in Stratford.

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