William Blake as a Romantic Poet

Discuss William Blake is a Romantic Poet

 Introduction: Romanticism leads the elements of imagination, nature, worship, liberty, mysticism and symbolism. The common subject of Romanticism is the recollections of childhood. Sometime it keeps the simple emotion of humanity in a simple diction.

William Blake is the person who creates songs

of innocence and songs of experience from his own theory, memory and experience. All of his songs are full of imagination, symbolism and related with the reality. In his songs he has used common language, rustic language and most of the subject matter of his songs is about rustic people, nature and creature. 

 William Blake as a Romantic poet: We consider William Blake as a Romantic poet for the following reasons-

 Firstly, his poems are full of imaginations and feelings that send us to the imagery world from the real world.  

In Introduction he expresses,


                    “On a cloud I saw a child

                     And he laughing said to me

                     Pipe a song about a Lamb.”

Echoing Green, Nurse’s Songs, The Lamb, The Divine Image etc. are his common songs that are full of emotion.

 Secondly, his feelings are more spontaneous and powerful. In the Nurse’s song he has mentioned that-


            “When the voices of children are heard on the green

              My heart is at rest within my breast

                   And everything else is still.”


Thirdly, most of the words and sentences of his songs are full of rustic and common languages. The main theme and subject matter of his songs are about rustic people, common people, nature, creature and religious faith.

 Fourthly, he believes in the creature. So, in the songs he asks himself many question about creature and also replies himself of his questions. In The Lamb, he expresses-


      “Little Lamb, who made thee?

       Dost thou know who made thee?”


He again mentions-


          “Little Lamb God bless thee,

           Little Lamb God bless thee.”


Fifthly, all of his songs and poems are related with nature. So, sometimes he has expressed the scenery of nature and the activity of nature. We observe that he has created songs about- Spring, Autumn, Echoing Green, Sick Rose, Tyger, Sun-flower etc. So, it can be said that he has applied much emphasis on nature.

 Sixthly, his songs are full of symbolism. For example; in “The Tyger” burning bright is a symbol that symbolizes ‘The Power of Knowledge’. In the same way, “In the forests of the night” is another symbol that symbolizes ‘the darkness of the ignorance.’ 

According to the characteristics of Romantic poem the author William Blake bears all the qualities of Romanticism in his songs. So, he is called Romantic poet.  


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    • Golam Kibria on December 6, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    I don’t know how can I thank the author of this great piece of literature! just carry on!

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