Why Not Writing

                     Why Not Writing

   In this world everybody wants to be alive; though it is impossible. They also want to be popular and famous to others, nevertheless it is not an easy task; but there is a great chance for the person to alive and to be famous and popular by his work who writes and creates a new world. A writer is a great creator of a new world. By his writing he can re volute and change people, society, country and the world. Every writer has an imagery world, so when he feels any fain from the real world he hides himself in his imagery world.

There he creates his imagery family, friends, God and goddess, nature and so many characters.

Several times he looks sad, happy and meditation because at that time he keeps himself concealed in his imagery world. Actually creating is not so easy; so to be a writer or creator he has to labor hard, read and learn a lot. Russian writer Leo Tolstoy says, “Read, read and read; he is great who reads more.” Here he applies great pressure for reading. But he does not apply any compression of writing. So, English philosopher Francis Bacon indirectly criticizes his speaking. According to Bacon, “Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.” So without writing a man cannot be an exact. Again, the great critic T.S. Eliot says, if anybody does not have intellectual or traditional knowledge he will not be a writer. So he has to know the history of his nation, biography of the famous writers and so many things.      

Anybody can express his feelings and emotions by creating shortly or deeply. It raises his thinking power. From his daily life, in different situation he observes many things and faces many difficult problems but at that time he has not much physical or mental power to protest or control that only for his loneliness. Then he can make it possible by his writing and making groups. He can write many articles about those fault subjects which are occurring commonly in the society. He can also re volute by his writing. If you start writing your hidden creativity will come out and when the readers read and command about them then you become success. Everybody has freedom to create and there is no obstacle to learning and producing. New era is waiting for you. So why do you stop from your situation. Let’s start creating and show you to the world.       



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