“The Good Morrow” is a Metaphysical poem.


What is Metaphysical Poetry? Discuss “The Good Morrow” is a Metaphysical poem.

Definition of Metaphysical Poetry: Etymologically, Metaphysical means beyond physical or something abstract. A Metaphysical Poem is a poem that consists of abrupt beginning, abstract theme, use of conceits, bending (turning) of passion and arguments. The major themes of metaphysical poems are love, death and religious faith which are all conceptual truths.

According to the definition of Metaphysical Poem John Donne’s “The Good Morrow” is a Metaphysical Poem for the following reasons:

First, it begins suddenly somewhere at the middle of conversation.

“I wonder by my truth, what thou and I”.

It begins without telling us who the speaker is, to whom he speaks and on what issue he speaks.   

 Second, the theme of “The Good Morrow” is love and deals with spiritual love- the union of two immortal souls.

 Third, several conceits are used in this poem to develop the thought. The conceits are as follows:

 Firstly, the unconscious lovers have been compared with the breast feeding babies. Before they fall in love they were like the children who drink breast. 

Secondly, the two lovers’ unawareness has been compared with the seven sleepers and the sleepers slept in a cave for two hundred years.

Thirdly, the lovers’ micro-world is compared with the real world.

 Fourthly, the two hemispheres are compared with the two lovers.


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Rajsekhar Basak
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saikat china
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