Walking Through the Village

Walking through the village is really enjoyable, pleasurable for those persons who are able to realize, to feel much pleasure and to observe many things in their eternal eyes and memorize many things after seeing any scenery. The situation will not occur for those who are unable to realize and feel, because they have not eternal eyes and have no memory to sentinel deeply. They watch it normally.  

A village is the place where different types of beauty are contained. It is surrounded with green fields, trees, garden, crop fields etc. The scenery of the winding roads, rivers, crops field, vegetable garden, the players of the village field, village market, tea stall, narrow cannels, ponds, catching fish of the fishermen of the village is excellent and really enjoyable.

Every village contains narrow roads which increases the beauties of the villages. In rainy season most of the roads change their situation. At that time they become muddy or cobbled. There are many paddy fields, vegetable fields and corn fields on either side of a narrow road. Villagers are thinly populated which are compared to towns and cities. Most Bangladeshi villages have weekly mobile markets. Things of all kinds starting from clothes, food, and grocery to electrical goods, cattle, etc. are sold here. There are very few shops. People living in villages go to the towns for purchasing and selling their daily goods.

In the morning the nature is covered with soft fog. As if the nature wore a soft dress to cover the body and to increase its natural beauty. When the sun rises and starts focusing all over the world the fog runs quickly to hide from the earth. When it lights on the grass the fogs are flashing like the diamond. As if the diamond lighted with the light of any things. Walking on the grass the fog gets wait the legs of the pedestrian. It looks like a mother who washes her children’s legs by purring fresh water with her soft hands. Trees, leaves, houses look as if they completed their swim by taking fresh water and they wore wet dress.

Tree climbing persons climb the date tree to collect sweet date juice’s pitcher behind their waists with great care in the morning. For the long distance it looks as if mother carried her child in the wrist with great care so that the child does not get any difficulty. They start making a hat for selling date juice early in the morning. Customers come from different places with pitcher and bucket to collect date juice. House makers make different types of foods and cakes by the date juice. Other members squeeze around the range to take hot cake and other foods. As if it was the scene of speeding of glad.

Hawkers come and go with different types of foods and different colors of choklets for the children and shouting loudly. They also carry different sizes of moya and the customers squeeze around the hawker. Children start shouting and crying for their closeable food items when they observe the hawkers. The village women also gather around the hawker to buy foods. It looks as if a small jam.

All aged people gather in a place and burn the dry leaves, straw, wood and wear winter dress to escape from the cold. Old people start trembling and they start smoking to take away the cool. Children also gather there and start shouting. Grandparents tell fable and story to their grandchild and give them much pleasant beside the burning place.  

Poor children collect blooming lilies, small fishes and snails from the flooded field. They compete with one another to collect many lilies. So they come very early in the morning and start collecting. Sometimes they use small boat to collect. It looks so charming and enjoyable.

From dawn to morning cowboys take their cattle in the field with a queue to feed then fresh and green grass. The cattle go one after another and the cuffs go behind their mother with great dancing as if someone taught them to go in this way. Cowboys go behind them with little cuffs, row, straw and the piece of bamboo or stick to bunch them. It looks like a teacher who teaches his students with great discipline.

Especially in morning, different aged students go to their educational institutions on the foot. Some students go by riding or sharing bicycle with others; some also go riding cycle on themselves. Female students go with row beside the roads and discuss with one another. Sometimes they smile and argue. Little students go randomly beside and middle side of the roads. For a while, they pitch stones in the field, in the pond and on the trees and also quarrel; sometimes start small fighting. So several times they are unable to attend their class in time. 

On the winding road in the village, when little children hear any sound of any vehicles they hurry up in the outside of their house to see the automobiles and start shouting, also small jumping. Sometimes they run behind the vehicles to touch them. It looks as if they rushed to get or to invent new things.

Entering new face through the village villagers make interest to know about the newly people. Who is the person, from where he has come here, why he comes here, what is his purpose etc. First they look with great care towards the people and want to ask some questions but do not, after long time they come beside the person and ask his bio-data. Last want to know where he will go. Thus they fill up their gap of interest.

Many houses are decorated with different types of flowers and flower garden around their house. When the flowers bloom with different colors the environment looks so excellent as if someone decorated the heaven by the fresh and lovely flowers. Much time it looks that children collect flowers of the water hyacinth and make different toys by the hyacinth according to their own choice and some of them touch the cool water inside the water hyacinth. It looks so much excellent.

Walking through the winding roads of the village the row of the coconut, nut, bamboo, plum and other trees are seen nicely from the long distance. Especially, the head of the plum trees are seen as if they were the head of the gardens and leaded other trees. At that time three of four lines of a popular rhyme gather the memory of the pedestrian-


                       “Standing on a leg

                       Passing all the trees

                        Looking at the sky”

Really without walking though the village the passerby is unable to realize the scene of the trees in the garden. Beside the muddy winding roads the creeper of the bean trees embrace the bamboo bush with flowers and bins. Bees and other insects gather in the buds of the flowers to collect the nectar. In the gentle air it blows the flowers and bins start dancing with great pleasure. The pedestrian may be welcome by the touching of the creeper of the bin trees as if someone touched him/her with the narrow and soft fingers of his hand. Besides the narrow muddy roads of the village and beside the houses the women adjust the cow dung to the log of the trees to make firewood with the touch of their soft hands and keep them in the sun to dry.

Farmers collect fresh crops and vegetables from their fields in the morning which they have cultivated. The sons of the farmers and their wives wash the vegetables and remove the muddy from the vegetables. Then they decorate them beside the roads and whole sailors gather there to purchase them.

In the flooded fields ducks swim and go down under water to collect small fishes, snails and insects. As if a diver went down under the water to collect the expensive materials from there. In summer, children are seen swimming, jumping, and catching fish from pond, river, cannel and other places but in winter or rough weather they are not seen there. In all weather and seasons fishermen are found catching fishes from the watery places.

Different types of fishes contain in the pond, canal, river, tarn, flooded field of the villages. So, fishermen and different types of people catch fishes by applying different techniques. Some people catch fish with Nate, some hunt fish. Some catch fish professionally, some catch fish as their hobby to get pleasure. Some people watch the scenery of catching fish and the condition of the fishes. To catch large fishes they start competing with one another. When someone catches a large fish others start shouting and the visitors come to see the fish. Thus the bank of the pond, river, and camel become over crowded.

Mastered fields are covered with blooming mastered flowers both sides of the winding roads. When the gentle air shakes them with great fair, the plants and flowers start dancing with great pleasure after gaining touch. Bees gather there to collect honey and at the same time they keep the capsule from male flower to female flower as a result seeds grow. Other birds and insects also gather there to bout the bees. Both sides of the winding roads are decorated with date trees and other trees. It looks like the row of solders that stand beside the roads to look after the passengers and the roads.

The outlook of large open area house looks excellent and the flower gardens which are situated in front of some houses looked charming. The owners of the gardens keep strong fence around the gardens to save their plants and flower from the naughty boys and the animals. It looks as if they kept the wild animals inside the fence so that the animals are unable to go outside the fence. Again when they work inside the fence it looks as if they took great care to the animals with their soft hand like a mother who touch her baby with great love. Without walking though the village the pedestrians are unable to realize the scenery.

Most Bangladeshi villages have weekly mobile markets. All kinds of things starting from clothes, food, and grocery to electrical goods, cattle, etc. are sold here. There are very few permanent stores in the mobile market; most of shops are situated temporally. People living in villages go to the village market to purchase goods. When villagers come and go to the village market randomly it looks like a small slogan and while discussing with one another it looks they try to solve their problem and take decision how they will be able develop their lives.

Shop keeper and customer go to the village market with their goods in the hat time. The village markets generally sit on twice or thrice a weak. Villagers collect their cultivated crops, foods, other elements. Some take coconut, some take nut, and some take cultivated crops, some take vegetables, some take mat, some take bamboo basket which they made in their house and some take chicken, and ducks to sell in the market. Shopkeepers go to the market with a band bag or a Tiffin box. Some go there on foot; some go riding cycle, some by the rickshaw. Thus they reach their target and gather in the market. 

Young girls carry water with pitcher from the ghat of the river and pond. When they sink the pitcher under the water a little hitching sound brings out from the water.

Most villagers do not understand the value of sanitation. They do not have proper sanitation facilities. Some villagers keep their cattle adjacent to their house which is unhygienic. Most of the villages in Bangladesh do not have medical facilities. They do not have electricity also. Most of the rural areas are characterized by poverty. The levels of productivity are low. There is a lack of basic minimum services. Villagers are superstitious to some extent.

 As there are six seasons in Bangladesh, so the villages also change their natural beauty in six times in every year. In every season the scenery looks completely different from one another. It wears new dresses in every season. Without entering into the village and walking into the village the pedestrian never enjoy and make him as a normal people of a village. It is really fantastic to walk in a winding road.   

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