Voice Change

Model Test on Voice Change

Marks: 1×50=50                                                                    Time: 1 hour

1.     They should bring some books.(pass)

2.     They could easily perform their duties .(pass)

3.    Tomorrow he will bring a new history book of India.(pass)

4.     Really they might follow his directions.(pass)

5.     Should they bring glory for their motherland? (pass)

6.     They should bring glory for their motherland. (pass)

7.     My mother is cooking rice now. (pass)

8.     Is she drinking tea now? (pass)

9.     One of my mother’s called Monir in the meeting yesterday. (pass)

10. They have broken those chairs. (pass)

11.    She does not help her mother doing the work. (pass)

12.  They were sealing rice in the market. (pass)

13.   They could not choose your style of speaking. (pass)

14.  Please, go there and solve those problems. (pass)

15.   Honey tastes sweet. (pass)

16.   They did not take the revenge of their father’s death. (pass)

17.   She met a martyr’s death. (pass)

18.   We should love our motherland. (pass)

19.  My brothers have taken nice decision today. (pass)

20.   Please, think for the improvement of the country. (pass)

21.   Were they playing cricket? (Pass)

22.   You are invited in the meeting. (Act)

23.   Your mother told us a nice story. (Pass)

24.    Our school teachers have supplied a computer set. (Pass)

25.   That important person was called for the meeting. (Act)

26.    He was invited. (Act)

27.   Why was he discussing that? (Pass)

28.   He dreamt a good dream for the nation. (Pass)

29.   Education can be compared with light. (Act)

30.   Take care of your responsibilities. (Pass)

31.   He was requested for that matter. (Act)

32.   He does not know me. (Pass)

33.  How does your brother rebuke me? (Pass)

34.  You are invited for a noble cause. (Act)

35.  He is going to establish a new business. (Pass)

36. He knows me. (Pass)

37. Your misconduct annoys Mr. Kamal. (Pass)

38.   Don’t hate the orphan. (Pass)

39.   The beauty of Cox’s Bazar wondered us. (Pass)

40.  It was expressed for the interest of common people. (Act)

41.  We will be digging the field.  (Pass)

42.    Who inform Rahim that news? (Pass)

43.   London was not built in a day. (Act)

44.  Shakespeare is called the kings king of England. (Act)

45.   Please, call kamal and tell your problems.  (Pass)

46.  His behavior satisfied us yesterday. (Pass)

47.   Do not look down upon the poor. (Pass)

48.    Do you not see the painful experience of the young man? (Pass)

49.  Why don’t you follow his example? (Pass)

50.  Shut the door. (Pass)


Answer of these questions:

01. Some books should be bought by them.

02.Their duties could be performed easily by them.

03.A new history book of India will be brought tomorrow by him.

04.His directions might be followed really by them.

05. Should glory for their motherland be brought by them?

06. Glory for their motherland should be brought by them.

07.Rice is being cooked now by my mother.

08. Is tea being drunk now by her?

09. Monir was called in the meeting yesterday by one of my mothers.

10. Those chairs have been broken by them.

11. Her mother is not helped doing house articles by her.

12. In the market rice was being sold by them.

13. Your style of speaking could not be chosen by them.

14. You are requested to go there and solve those problems.

15. Honey is sweet when it is tasted.

16.The revenge of their father’s death was not taken by them.

17. A martyr’s death was met by her.

18. Our motherland should be loved by us.

19. Nice decision has been taken today by my brothers.

20. You are requested to think for the improvement of the country.

21.Was cricket being played by them?

22.We invite you in the meeting.

23.A nice story was told to us by your mother.

24.A computer set has been supplied by our school teachers.

25. People called that important person for the meeting.

26. We invited him.

27. Why that was being discussed by him?

28.A good dream was dreamt for the nation by him.

29.We can compare Education with light.

30.Let your responsibilities be taken care of.

31.We requested him for that matter.

32.I am not known by him.

33.How am I rebuked by your brother?

34.We invited you for a noble cause.

35.A new business is going to be established by him.

36.I am known to him.

37.Mr. Kamal is annoyed at your misconduct.

38.Let not the orphan be hated.

39.We were wondered at the beauty of Cox’s Bazar.

40.We expressed it for the interest of common people.

41.The field will be being dug by us.

42.By whom was that news informed to Rahim?

43.People did not build London in a day.

44.We call Shakespeare the kings’ king of England.

45.You are requested to call kamal and tell your problems.

46.We were satisfied at his behavior yesterday.

47.Let not the poor be looked down upon.

48.Is the painful experience of the young man not seen by you?

49.Why isn’t his example followed by you?

50. You are requested to shut the door.


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