Vocabulary Test (Without Clues) Set 05

1. Today women (a) — an important role in all spheres of life. They (b) — no longer within the four walls of their home. They have (c) — out of their kitchens and are (d) — with men in all the development programs of the government. Many women have (e) — higher education and are (f) — as doctors, engineers, teachers, administrators, justice etc. they have been able to (g) — their worth. However, women still face (h) — discrimination. Many girls are married (i) — at an early age. Many never (j) — to school.

2. Computer is one of the latest important and most (a) — invention of science. A computer performs three important (b) —. It receives data, processes data (c) — various computations and emits data. Computer now (d) — us in various ways. In a (e) — minutes a computer can perform calculations that trained mathematicians would need years to complete. Now computers are (f) — used in agricultural farms. Trains and planes are run by the (g) —. (h) — results can be accurately given by computer within the shortest span of time. The computer has become very sophisticated and can perform (i) — complicated tasks. This is way many people call the computer an electronic (j) —.

3. Sports are a popular form of (a) —. Many international (b) — events are organized from time to time. Most of those events are (c) — by multinational manufacturing companies and business firms. They (d) — for the sport events in exchange for the right to (e) — their products during those events. These events are — worldwide by satellite and people all (g) — the world watch them (h) —. As a result, the sponsors’ products receive maximum media (i) — thus giving companies international (j) —. 

4. For international communication a common language is (a) —. There are many (b) — for which English has achieved the (c) — of being that language. Now English has (d) — the national borders to (e) — people who speak other languages. It is no longer the (f) — possession of British or American or other native speakers, but a language that belongs to (g) — people. This phenomenon has led to a (h) — variety of English around the world. As more and more people speak English, more and more varieties have (i) — which are strongly (j) — by the pronunciation, grammar and idioms of the respective mother tongues.

5. Modern life (a) — much on transport. We can very well (b) — how important transport is when it is (c) — by natural calamities or during socio-political crises. In fact, transport has made it (d) — for us to reach places previously (e) —. It has (f) — helped the flourish of trade and commerce and to (g) — new knowledge and ideas. (h) — transport has (i) — friendship and understanding among nations and peoples (j) — the globe.

Ans: 1. (a) play (b) are (c) come (d) working (e) received (f) working (g) prove (h) gender (i) off (j) go.

Ans: 2. (a) wonderful/useful (b) functions (c) in/for (d) helps (e) few (f) being/also (g) computer (h) Examination/Complicated (i) various (j) brain 

Ans: 3. (a) entertainment (b) sports (c) sponsored (d) pay (e) advertise (f) telecast (g) over (h) live (i) coverage (j) recognition 

Ans: 4. (a) essential (b) reasons (c) status (d) crossed (e) reach (f) personal (g) world (h) great (i) appeared (j) influenced


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