Vocabulary Test (without clues) part 4

1. One day a grocer borrowed a balance and weights from a fruit-seller. After a few days the fruit-seller asked the grocer to (a) — his balance and weights to him. The grocer said, `I am sorry to say that the mice ate away your balance and weights.’ The fruit-seller became very (b) — at the (c) — excuse of the dishonest grocer. Then one day the fruit-seller said to the grocer, `I am (d) — to the town to do some shopping. Please send your son with me to (e) — my things. We will come back tomorrow. `So the grocer (f) — his son with the fruit-seller. The next day the fruit-seller returned alone from the town. `Where is my son?’ asked the grocer. `A crow carried your son away,’ replied the fruit-seller. `How can a crow (g) — away such a big boy?’ The grocer shouted angrily. `Just the same way as the mice can (h) — away the balance and weight,’ said the fruit-seller. The grocer (i) — the point. He returned the balance and weights to the fruit-seller. Then the fruit-seller sent the boy (j) — to his father.

2. One day a lad went to a famous teacher and having expressed his desires to (a) — knowledge, begged him to (b) — him in the arts and sciences. The learned man, wishing to (c) — out what sort of ability the lad (d) —, asked him where God (e) —. The lad replied, `I will answer you, if you will first (f) — me where he is (g) —.’ The sage, from this sensible (h) —, thought highly of the boy’s (i) — and according to his (j) — perfected him in his studies. Thus the wisdom of the wise manifests itself early.

3. Many events of the (a) — importance took place during the last century. Significant advances were made in the (b) — of science and technology. Many European colonies (c) — independence. The movement for democracy become (d) — in many parts of the world. Two world wars (e) — out in this century. It also witnessed the misuse of atomic energy. Two cities of Japan were completely (f) — as a result of the dropping of atom bombs. The Vietnam war and the gulf war killed (g) — of innocent people. However, the emergence of Bangladesh as an (h) — nation was a momentous event. After a bloody (i) — of nine months, Bangladesh was born. Now we hold our heads (j) — in the comity of nations.

4. Atom bomb was first (a) — on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the World War II. When the first bomb (b) —, the world knew for the first time that man (c) — at long last been in possession of a force (d) — in all respects. The atom bomb (e) —. But alas ! the superhuman energy has been (f) — against mankind. One single bomb (g) — the (h) — town Hiroshima and another bomb Nagasaki. There had (i) — many children, women and patients not (j) — in the problems of the war.

5. E-mail has brought (a) — revaluation in modem (b) — Messages can be transmitted from one country to another within (c) —. It is far cheaper than telephone calls. Trade and commerce has become greatly (d) — on this speedy mode of communication. It has, (e) —, not reached everyone, especially in (f) — countries like ours, as most people cannot (g) — to have a personal computer. But (h) — here people have started (i) — commercially operated e-mail for important (j) —. 

Ans: 1. (a) return (b) angry (c) lame (d) going (e) carry (f) sent (g) take (h) eat (i) got (j) back 

Ans: 2. (a) gain (b) teach (c) find (d) had (e) is (f) tell (g) not (h) reply (i) wit (j) ability

Ans: 3. (a) most (b) fields (c) got (d) popular (e) broke (f) destroyed (g) a lot (h) independent (i) war (j) high/together

Ans: 4. (a) dropped (b) exploded (c) had (d) terrible (e) exploded (f) used (g) wiped (h) nice (i) been (j) involved

Ans: 5. (a) about (b) communication (c) seconds (d) dependent (e) however (f) developing (g) afford (h) still (i) using (j) purposes/matters




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