Vocabulary Test Set 06

Execution, wretch, prove, wit, spoil, death, angry, unpleasant, happen, knowing.

1.  Once upon a time, there was a King who was very fond of (a) — his future from the astrologers. A famous astrologer (b) — to stop at his capital on his way to Benaras. The King called on him to know about his future and the astrologer told him something (c) —. At this the King got (d) — and condemned him to (e) — saying, `Men like you should not live to (f) — the peace of the world.’ But another thought had crossed his mind before the astrologer was removed for (g) —. `How long will you live?’ asked the King. With ready (h) — the astrologer said, `The stars (i) — that I shall die only a week before your majesty. So, goodbye’. Hearing this, the King turned pale like a dead man and should, Drive this (j) — away, let him not come here again.’

2. go, have, find, Lose, die, bound, way, prefer, enjoy, be, Dead, preference, take, consider.

 We find changes in amusement and entertainment that (a) — taken place over time. Common forms of entertainment like snake charming, puppet shows, jarigan which (b) — popular in the past are gradually (c) — their appeal. They are (d) — out. We don’t (e) — the existence of many of these. Now people like do (f) — T.V. They (g) — concert, disco, pop etc. All the changes that have (h) — place today are not (i) — good. Sometimes people are (j) — to receive some bad aspects of Western culture.

3. discuss, go, Gossip, Cook, neighbor, experience, use, bother, Visit, household chores, trouble. 

Mrs. Zaman is a housewife. She loves (a) —. She lives in an apartment block. There are seven more families in the building. She has an (b) — cook. So does not have to do any (c) —. Almost every day around eleven O’clock she (d) — to visit one of her (e) — in the apartments mostly to gossip. Most of the housewives she (f) — do not have much domestic help and they (g) — this time to cook, clean or do other household (h) —. But Mrs. Zaman does not seem to be (i) —. She does not mind (j) — the personal matters of one family with another.

4. embrace, introduce, noticing, introduction, remain, makes, friend, reputation, noticeable, make, keep, usual, interpreted, control.  

The British have (a) — for (b) — their emotions private. Some obvious things are (c) — in British behaviour. For example, on public transport one passenger does not (d) — talk to another passenger. On meeting, people do not (e) — and often simply shake hands on a first (f) —. In theatres, concert halls and cinemas audiences (g) — quiet during performances. None of these behaviour traits should be (h) — as unfriendliness. If a visitor (i) — the first move to start a conversation, he will find a British citizen rather (j) —.

5. Wake, obtain, Expression, Go, till, be, moment, integral, perceive, what, by use.

 Language (a) — an important medium of expression of thoughts, feelings, ideas etc. We use it from the (b) — we wake up in the morning (c) — we go to bed at night. We use language not only during our (d) — hours but also in our dreams. We use language to (e) — what we feel and to say (f) — we like or dislike. We also use it to (g) — information. In short, language is an (h) — part of what we do, (i) — and believe. We must avoid (j) — bad language.



Ans: 1. (a) knowing (b) happened (c) unpleasant (d) angry/furious (e) death (f) spoil (g) execution (h) wit (i) declare/prove (j) wretch

Ans: 2. (a) have (b) were (c) losing (d) dying (e) find (f) enjoy (g) prefer (h) taken (i) considered (j) bound/compelled

Ans: 3. (a) gossiping (b) experienced/efficient (c) cooking (d) goes (e) neighbors (f) visits (g) use (h) chores (i) bothered (j) discussing

Ans: 4. (a) reputation (b) keeping (c) noticed/noticeable (d) usually (e) embrace (f) introduction (g) remain (h) interpreted (i) makes (j) friendly

Ans: 5. (a) is (b) moment (c) till (d) waking (e) express (f) what (g) obtain (h) integral (i) perceive (j) using 


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