Vocabulary Test for Class Vii

1. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the table. 0.5×5=2.5

Less, least, enough, more, most


Rafiq’s great-grandfather had the most land. He had thirty-five bighas of land (a) —– than his son and it was (b) —– for his large family. Rafiq’s grandfather had the (c) —– land. He had three bighas (d) —– than his father and it wasn’t (e) —– for a large family.

2. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the table.  0.5×5=2.5

Use, in order to, make, traffic, difficult.


Marcel lived in Montreal in Canada. It was (a) —– for the people to travel around there because of the (b) —–. So, they (c) —– an underground railway (d) —– make life easier. It’s called the subway. Marcel (e) —– it every day, but he can’t travel outside Montreal on it.

3. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                        0.5×10=05

Endon is Rafiq’s pen-friend who lived in Mongolian. He writes Rafiq a letter (a) —– he has given about the (b) —– of the people of his family and nation. According to his (c) —–, he and his father both are (d) —– and they are the (e) —– of nomads. They have no permanent place to (f) —–. According to the season they (g) —– their living place and build up their yurts (h) —–. They (i) —– different types of domestic animals like sheep, horse etc. (J) —– among them horses are the most important for them.

4. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                       0.5×10=05

The weather of Mongolian is not very (a) —– and they (b) —– get rain. As a result, sometimes life becomes difficult for them but when they get rain their sheep (c) —– healthy and fat because at that time grass (d)  —– well. They (e) —– the sheep as the most useful animals because they (f) —– many useful things (g) —– meat and wool. Wool (h) —– to make a (i) —– cloth called (j) —–.

5. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                       0.5×10=05

Horses are more important than sheep for Mongolians because they like (a) —–. Every Mongolians has a horse who (b) —– for roaming. Endon has also a horse and (c) —– it is the summer season he (d) —– him over the great open space of their (e) —– every day. The Mongolians have always (f) —– famous riders and they often (g) —– about their great leader Genghis Khan who was well (h) —– as a famous rider. So, they like (i) —– him and they (j) —– their lives according to the idolism of their leader.

6. Write down the similar words from the box. 1×10=10

Main Words Similar Words
Comfortable, nomad, difficult, soft, surprised, nice, harvest, plough, seed, irrigate. Spineless, reap, amusing, shocked, tough, germ, wanderer, contended, dampen, invest.


Answer to the Question No: 03    

a. where b. description c. description d. shepherds e. community f. live g. change h. temporary i. cultivate j. but    

Answer to the Question No: 04

a. cold b. occasionally c. become d. grows e. keep f. get g. like h. is used i. thick j. felt       

Answer to the Question No: 05

 a. roaming b. is used c. when d. rides e. plains f. been g. think h. known i. to imitate j. continue

Answer to the Question No: 06

Comfortable- contented, nomad- wanderer, difficult- tough, soft- spineless, surprised- shocked, nice- amusing, harvest- reap, plough- invest,  seed- germ, irrigate- dampen,  




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