Unseen Passage on Jashim Uddin for JSC 2016

                  Class: VIII, English First Paper     

Total Marks: 40                                      Time: 50 Minutes

1. Read the following passage carefully and complete the table with information from the passage.    1×5=05 

    Jasimuddin was a famous Bengali poet. He was also a song writer, prose writer, folk lore collector and radio personality. He is known as Pollikobi because through his poems he depicted the Bengali rural life, He was

born in the village of Tambulkhana in Faridpur District on 1 January 1903. He received his early education at Faridpur Welfare School. He obtained BA degree in Bangla from the University of Calcutta in 1929 and MA in 1931. Jasimuddin joined the University of Dhaka in 1938 as a lecturer. He left the university in 1944 and joined the Department of Information and Broad Casting. He worked there until his retirement in 1962 as Deputy Director. Jasimuddin collected more than 10,000 folk songs. He wrote many poems, dramas, novels, memoirs music etc. His major works are Rakhaki, Nakshi kanthar Maath, Sojan Badiyar Ghat, Bedher Meye, Madhumala etc. The major awards and honors that he received are President Award for Pride performance (1958), Bangladesh and Independence Day Award (1978). He died on 13 March 1976 and was buried near his ancestral home at Gobindopur.








(i) ——–


obtained BA degree

  (ii) ——–

the University of Calcutta


(iii) ———–


the university of Dhaka




(iv) ———

department of Information and Broad Casting



got president award for pride performance


(v) ——-


2. Write a summary of the passage in no more than 90 to 100 words.    10

  1. Match the parts of sentences given in column ‘A’ and column ‘B’ to write five meaningful sentences.           1×5=05
             Column A            Column B
a) Illiteracy retards i) in the morning
b) To eradicate illiteracy ii) the development program
c) The aged people should iii) attend school after their day’s work.
d) An important role can be played iv) by mass media
e) The government is trying v) is a mammoth task
  vi) easy task
  vii) to remove illiteracy
  1. Match the parts of sentences given in column ‘A’ and column ‘B’ to write five meaningful sentences.              1×5=05
             Column A            Column B
a) The oceans are replete i) rich in mineral water
b) The oceans are rich ii) in the sea
c) We consume iii) a little quantity of fish of sweet water
d) Fish abounds iv) in energy
e) At present there is crisis v) a little quantity of sea fish
  vi) of energy
  vii) with various foods
  1. Put the following parts of the story in correct order to rewrite the whole story.               1×8=08

a) The Mayor and the Councilors talked about the problem.

b) At that moment there was a knock at the door.

c) It became full of rats.

d) But they could not find a way out.

e) The people of the town came to the Town Hall.

f) They said to the Mayor to do something about rats.

g) The Mayor called a meeting of the councilors.

h) A long time ago the town of Hamelin in Germany was faced with a great problem.

6. Change the following sentences according to the instructions. 1×7=07

a) Who knows you in this area? (Passive)

b) Who teaches you English at college? (Passive)

c) They informed me about it later. (Passive)

d) Death brings happiness to all. (Passive)

e) Never tell a lie. (Passive)

f) Roam was not built in a day. (Active)

g) Our life is not counted by day, month and year. (Active)



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