Unseen Passage Jibananda Das

Jibananda Das was born in a small town of Barishal in 1899. He took his Master’s Degree in English at the age of 22. The next year he started his teaching career as a Professor of English at the Calcutta City College. He lost the job in 1928 on the charge of publishing a poem in the Parichaya Partika. But two years after he joined the Ramjash College, Delhi though returned to his birth place the next year. He got an appointment in Brojamohon College, Barishal in 1935. In 1947 when the partition was made, he left Bangladesh for India. In West Bengal he started editing the Swaraj Patrika. In 1951 he joined the Kharagpur College. He was awarded Rabindra Purushkar in 1953. He met with a tram accident on the 14th October, 1954 and was hospitalized. After a few days he passed away on October 12, 1954. His major works are Banalata Sen, Jhara Palak, Dhusar Pundulipi, Ruposi Bangla etc.


1.  Complete the table below with information from the passage.                                                          1×5=05

       Who/What          Activities            Where           When
Jibananda Das Born (i) ——– in 1899
He M.A. English (ii) ——–
Career (iii) ——– Calcutta City College in 1922
He Migration (iv) ——– in 1947
(v) ——– Achieved in 1953

2. Complete the table below with information from the passage.                                                          1×5=05

       Events         Where            When          Achievement  
Masters Degree (i) ——–
Teaching career (ii) ——– in 1922 Professor of English
Jibananda Das in 1953 (iii) ——–
(iv) ——– Parichaya Patrika in 1928
Migration (v) ——– in 1947

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