Unity is Strength

                                                     Unity is Strength

Once there lived an old man who had three sons who used to quarrel with one another. This made the man unhappy. The old man tried to stop their quarreling and make unity among them but failed. At last he hit upon a plan. He called all his sons and told them to bring some sticks. Then they took some sticks and he tied the sticks into a bundle. Then he asked them to break it. The three sons tried one after another. But nobody could break the bundle. Then their father untied the bundle and told each of his sons to take one stick. Each of the boys took one stick. Their father asked them to break the sticks. This time they broke the sticks easily. Then the farmer told his sons, “If you live together, nobody can harm you and if you are separate, anybody will break you like the single stick”. From that event the sons of the old man realized their fault. So they became united and then they never made any quarreling again.

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