Unity is Strength


Unity is Strength

Once there was an old farmer. He had four sons. They always quarreled with each other. One day the old farmer wanted to teach them a good lesson. Therefore, he called his sons. They all came to the farmer. The farmer asked to bring them some sticks and ropes. They did so. The old farmer tied the sticks in a bundle. Then he told them to break the bundle. They all tried but could not break the bundle. Then he told them to untie the bundle and gave a single stick to each of his sons to break. Then all of them broke the sticks easily. The farmer told them that if they would remain separate and quarreled with each other, their enemies would easily defeat them. However, if they remained united like the bundle, they would be much stronger and the enemies would not do any harm to them. At this, the three sons learnt a good lesson and began to live together in peace.

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