Typical Techniques of Grammar Translation Method

Typical Techniques of Grammar Translation Method

(1)  Translation of a Literary Passage

      (Translating target language to native language)

(2)  Reading Comprehension Questions

      (Finding information in a passage, making inferences and relating to personal experience)

(3)  Antonyms/Synonyms

      (Finding antonyms and synonyms for words or sets of words).

(4) Cognates

      (Learning spelling/sound patterns that correspond between L1 and the target language)

(5)  Deductive Application of Rule

      (Understanding grammar rules and their exceptions, then applying them to new examples)

(6)  Fill-in-the-blanks

      (Filling in gaps in sentences with new words or items of a particular grammar type).

(7)  Memorization

      (Memorizing vocabulary lists, grammatical rules and grammatical paradigms)

(8)  Use Words in Sentences

      (Students create sentences to illustrate they know the meaning and use of new words)

(9)  Composition

(Students write about a topic using the target language)

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