Typical Techniques of Direct Method

Typical Techniques of Direct Method

1)  Reading Aloud

    (Reading sections of passages, plays or dialogues out loud)

(2)  Question and Answer Exercise

      (Asking questions in the target language and having students answer in full sentences)

(3)  Student Self-Correction (Teacher facilitates opportunities for students to self correct using follow-up questions, tone, etc)

4) Conversation Practice

      (Teacher asks students and students ask students questions using the target language)
(5)  Fill-in-the-blank Exercise

      (Items use target language only and inductive rather than explicit grammar rules)
(6)  Dictation

      (Teacher reads passage aloud various amount of times at various tempos, students writing down what they hear)
(7)  Paragraph Writing

      (Students write paragraphs in their own words using the target language and various models)

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