Transformation of Sentence


NB: Identify the sentence type & transform into the remaining two


Though he was learned, he did not get a good job.

A friend who is true stands by his friend in time of need.

They saw a ship that was coming to them.

They saw the drunken porter who was lying on the floor.

The woman who is reported is a spy.

Only the boys who work hard can shine in life.

Since the workers were encouraged by the owner, they went on working.

As the writer was poor, lie could not visit Sheraton earlier.

Since lie was sharp, he made a good result.

When a teacher is absent, students generally make a noise.

When the lunch was over, the lady went away.

Since the water was salty, the sailors could not drink I

As the shirt is costly, I cannot buy it.

When my mutton chop arrived, she took me t ask.  

When it was daylight, I was half awakened by the sound of chopping

The authoress went to Dhaka when it was autumn.

You came here when you were only four.

 He woke up when it was raining.

He was glad when lie heard the news.

The girls were delighted when the saw the fine flowers.

 If you do not hold your tongue, I will turn you out.

If you take exercise regularly, you can be healthy.

He worked hard so that he could pass the examination.

As he saw the tiger, he ran away in fear.

He is so weak that he cannot speak a single word.

They are so nice that they cannot be used just at present.

If you read more, you will know more.

A man who is drowning catches at a straw.

The girl finished her cry and attended to her cheeks.

He drew a package from his overcoat and threw it upon the table.

He took the purse and ran away.

They are very nice and cannot be used just at present.           

I had forgotten him and went outside the cabin.

The divers put off their clothes and plunged into the river.

The boy was courageous and managed the unruly horse.

He was born at a beautiful place and we had seen it.

The marriage ceremony was over and theguests were going to the feast.

The weather was very cold and there were no birds or animals in that snow covered country.

The sea water was very salty and they could not drink it.

The sun had set and we went home.

Work hard and you will prosper.

Write much or you cannot write well.

was ill and I could not attend the meeting.

Sahel was honest and could not take the money.

Fatima was slender and mastered the art.

Speak the truth and I shall pardon you.

He is healthy but he does not work at all.

He behaved rough but lie was not punished.

He is a thief and we suspect it.

The matter was easy and I understood it.

The mail saw the tiger and went away.

The dog lay close to him and found comfort there.

I took a cabin and asked for man to chop wood.

The door opened and Jims stepped in.

He spoke very fast and we could not follow him.

Hold your tongue or I will turn you out from the class room.

He worked hard but failed.

He left the country but the reason was mysterious.

We must develop the habit of speaking the truth or we cannot other respect.

Drive carefully or there may be accident.

Many women were present there and all of them wept to hear the news.

There were many students and they all shouted.

I bought some interesting novels and I presented them to my sister.

Smoking cause cancer and this is well known.

Standing by the window, the girl looked out.

Entering the classroom, the teacher found the boys gossiping.

You came here only at four.

At daylight I was half awakenedby the sound of chopping.

An industrious boy can shine in life.

A dishonest boy suffers in life.

The marriage ceremony being over, the guests were going the feast.

Having forgotten him, I went outside the cabin.-

The sun having set, we reached home.

He is too weak to move.

They walked too slowly to catch the bus.

She hoped to win the first prize.

The farmers sow good seeds to get good crops.

In spite of his working hard, he could reach to his goal.

Monir was loved by all because of his honesty.

I dislike him for his laziness.