Transformation of sentence

Transformation of sentence (Affirmative to Negative)


Rules Affirmative Negative



Only (If it indicates – person/ Allah) None but
Only (If it indicates – thing) Nothing but
Only (If it indicates – other: age; prize) Not more than/ not less than
Alone None but
02 As soon as … … …. No sooner had + Subject + v3 … ….


… must … Cannot but + v1/ cannot help + v-ing
… must have + v3 … Could not but + v1
04 … too … … to … … so … … that …


Superlative Positive
Comparative Positive
Positive Comparative
06 Sometimes … not always … (does/ do/ did etc.)


… both … … and … … not only … … but also …
… and … … but also …
08 Always Never + (wecixZ kã)
09 Every + (noun) … There is no + (noun) + but + … …
10 … to be/ to have/ modal verb … … to be/ to have/ modal verb + not + (wecixZ kã)
11 … less … than … … not as … as …

always never pleasant unpleasant
good bad pleased displeased
friend foe legal illegal
active inactive possible impossible
absent present literate illiterate
agree disagree punctual late
doubtful undubtful regular irregular
grateful ungrateful responsible irresponsible
honest dishonest real unreal
honesty dishonesty rich poor
happy unhappy remember forget
hard easy right wrong
honour dishonour sincere insincere
healthy unhealthy solvent insolvent
love hate wise unwise
moral immoral willing unwilling
mortal immortal tall short
comfortable uncomfortable heavy light
obey disobey intelligent dull
obedient disobedient very not a little

Practice now:

  1. He is the best player. (negative)
  2. Day to day life in Dhaka is expensive. (negative)
  3. But the cook told him this duck had only one leg. (negative)
  4. It lives together. (negative)
  5. His wife Catherine loves gardening. (negative)
  6. Everybody must be conscious of health. (negative)
  7. They cannot buy fly far away from our country. (affirmative)
  8. She felt happy at my generosity. (negative)
  9. People who are not punctual create problems not only for themselves but for others as well. (aff.)
  10. I found not reach the exam hall in due time. (affirmative)
  11. I could see nothing except the sky. (affirmative)
  12. It gives birth to only one calf at a time. (negative)
  13. All must submit to destiny. (negative)
  14. No sooner had he seen me than he began to weep. (affirmative)
  15. It is very difficulty for a poor country like Bangladesh to bear this high expense. (negative)


Home task:

  1. They must be punctual, industrious and truthful. (negative)
  2. We always remember their memories. (negative)
  3. Man makes fire to cook food. (negative)
  4. But books are always prepared to be by your side. (negative)
  5. They are your real friends in your life. (negative-interrogative)
  6. So, we should be honest in our life. (negative)
  7. Their contribution will never be forgotten. (affirmative)
  8. Rob’s father is as rich as a king. (negative)
  9. So, Robi had no want. (affirmative)
  10. The causes of traffic jam are many. (negative)
  11. Unfortunately many think poverty to be blessing. (negative)


Examination now:

  1. He is loved by everybody. (negative)
  2. So, the literacy rate in Bangladesh is very poor. (negative)
  3. The cook told him that the duck had one leg only. (negative)
  4. But as soon as the crow opened the mouth to sing, the meat fell from its break. (negative)
  5. Only poverty is responsible for this. (negative)
  6. He has nothing but a few friends. (affirmative)
  7. He must obey your parents. (negative)
  8. No one could deny that she was pretty. (affirmative)
  9. As soon as the thief saw the police, he ran away. (negative)



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