Traffic Education Paragraph

                                             Traffic Education

Traffic education is related with traffic and roads and it means learning different rules and regulations for handling traffics on roads or different situations, expected or unexpected, to drive a vehicle on the roads or highways. It teaches us the behaviour that is related to road safety. Such type of education helps us to know the traffic rules and regulation in a clear and simple way. The goal of this education is to learn traffic safety which includes the methods and measures for reducing the risks of road accidents. It is really a very important education and so everyone must learn it from their childhood. But it is the most important for drivers. In our country there are many drivers who are unaware of traffic law. If they abide by the law properly, it will be easier to decrease the number of road accidents all across the country. In developed countries like – Netherlands, America, Japan are teaching their kids traffic law at the primary level, but here in our country, there is no proper traffic education at the school level. So every day we face many accidents on the roads and streets in our country. The road accidents also happen in our neighbouring countries; like – India, Nepal and Srilanka. The main reason that researchers found is that people are not aware of traffic education. So, everyone should be aware of traffic education. Besides, road safety programs can be telecast on the TV program, Radio Program or online video, social networks. They should do some special campaign which let people know about traffic laws. Last of all, the common people must be aware of traffic education otherwise all the attempts will be in vain.




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