Thinking of Doing Some Good Work

Write a letter to your friend about your thinking of some good work that you can do.


25 March, 2013

35/4, Bashabo, Dhaka

My dear Sadia,

I have received your letter just now. In your letter, you have wanted to know about my thinking of some good work that I can do. Now I am describing about it.

You know most of the people of our country are illiterate and they do not know how to read and write. My dream is to do something meaningful that would do well for them.  Therefore, I have made a plan to establish an educational institution in our society where all the illiterate people will be taught. I will extent the light of education among them and teach them how to separate the right and wrong. I will also inspire them to make revolution against all types of devil works.

No more today, convey my salam to your parents and inform me about your thinking of the nation.


Your loving friend



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