Theories of Learning

Theories of Learning

Q: How do people learn?

A: Nobody really knows.

But there are 6 main theories:

  1. Behaviorism
  2. Cognitivism
  3. Social Learning Theory
  4. Social Constructivism
  5. Multiple Intelligences
  6. Brain-Based Learning

Are students’ mind blank slates ready to be written what teachers want to write?

Behaviorists theories: explanation of learning that focus on external events as the cause of changes in observable behaviors.

Learning: Learning occurs when experience causes a relatively permanent change in behavior or in knowledge

  • “the relatively permanent change in a person’s knowledge or behavior due to          experience”  (Mayer, 1982, p. 1040)

For better understanding “Theories of learning” is given with Power point slides… 

Theories of Learning-1

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