Theme of William Wordsworth

Theme of William Wordsworth:

1. William Wordsworth has chosen incidence and situation from common life in the rural areas and described them ‘in a selection of language really used by men’. But this selection of common life does not mean photographic reproduction. He has given to the ordinary incidence a coloring of imagination to present them in an unusual way. He has put forward certain reasons for choosing his themes from humble and rustic life.

a. The elemental feelings of the heart find a free and frank expression in rustic language.

b. The elemental feelings of the heart co-exist in a state if greater simplicity in rustic surroundings.

c. The manners of rustic life are not sophisticated. They spring directly from their elementary feelings and can be understood easily.

d. In the humble and rustic conditions human patients are deeply associated with the beautiful forms of nature. That is why they are more noble and permanent, then the emotions of the sophisticated people of cities.

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