The Dawn

                                         The Dawn

The world is an excellent gift of nature. Every moment of the situation it is changing and the scenery which makes the world more attractive and enjoyable is not forgettable. Dawn is the most enjoyable scene of the nature which has been gifted as the part of the heaven.  Generally, after the prayer to the time of rising sun is considered as dawn.

 The setting of the dawn depends from place to place, country to country, season to season. It has been totally changed according to the place, season and the weather. When the early riser stands at the shore he can enjoy the setting in a way, again when he stands beside an open field it can be seen in different way; equally, when he stands on the roof of a large building in the city or town it may be seen in differently.

When the sound of prayer comes out from Mosques, the moment is so much enjoyable for a real believer. At that time all the creations of the creator rise from their sleep and start their daily activities beside the human being. The birds start charming to welcome the moment and a new day. The cooks start uttering in their house to sing all about the new day. The crows starts their disgusting utterance and crowing to welcome the day and all the animals, plants, birds and even planets start thanking the nature for starting such an admirable moment and day.

The old people and healthy people come out from their communities to enjoy the moment by walking beside the river, under the trees, in the open fields, beside the lakes and other places. Children in the village come out to collect the buds of the flowers from the garden. In the city most of the city dwellers miss the moment for taking sound sleep. But the artist, writer, poet and dramatist do not miss the moment. They start writing to welcome the moment to concern the readers about the scene. Most of the writers in Bangla Literature have written many poems and rhymes to pay interest among the children and all aged people. Here we see our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam who has written many poems based on the dawn. His rhyme named Provati (in the morning) is most popular to the children. How excellent his expression is about dawn! He wishes the children and also the readers to enjoy the scene of the Down. He is also perfect to show the situation nicely.

There is a proverb about the dawn. Early to bed, early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Here, the author encourages the readers to get up early in the morning only enjoying the scenery of the dawn and take it properly.

Many singers also sing many songs about the moment only to encourage the audience to enjoy the moment and thank the nature. 

In English Literature we also find many novels, poems and dramas about Dawn. The writers symbolize the moment with new hope, new life and new aim.

Really the dawn is a moment of pleasure, refreshing our body and mind, thanking the nature, enjoying and roaming. Nobody does not imagine the moment without leaving the home and roaming in the nature for some moment.            


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