Tennyson is The Revolutionary Poet of Victorian Era

Discuss, Alfred Lord Tennyson is the revolutionary poet of Victorian Era.


The life and works of Tennyson are remarkable to all. From the beginning to the end of his life he seems to have been dominated by the impulse of poetry. His poems are full of knowledge. He has created his poetry about ‘Politics’. ‘Lady’, ‘religion’, ‘Science’ and ‘Society’.


Alfred Lord Tennyson is considered as the representative poet of Victorian era for the following reasons: 


1. His views to the politics: In the age of his time there was no peace in his country. He passed an early suspicion of democracy. So, he had created many poems about politics, freedom and had shown the rights of the common people. His political views are those of a hide-bound Victorian Tory and the rising power of the new commercial aristocracy.


In Locksley Hall he has mentioned


           “Slowly comes a hungry people…………. Behind a slowly dying.”


2. Attitude to Women: Early and Middle Victorian England looked upon women as men’s inferior in mental power and station. There was a great deal of “Mock Chivalry” but the princes says,



The bearing and the training of a child

Is woman’s wisdom………………..


There was a foot too, a project for a women’s college. Tennyson hunted with these liberal hounds and ran with the conservative hares and made the best of both the words. 



Tennyson as The Representative Poet of Victorian Era


Tennyson as the representative poet of Victorian Era


As a poet of nature:


As a poet of man:


His view towards Religion and Philosophy:


His treatment of love and passion:



Literary Artist:


Love of beauty:


Power of expression:


Attitude towards women:


His attitude towards politics:


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