Tennyson is the most complete and comprehensive representative poet of his age.Discuss.

Alfred Tennyson is generally regarded as the most complete and comprehensive representative poet of victorian age. He has highlighted the victorian spirit in his poems. His poetry represent the social,psychological,phylosophical and religious problems of his time. Frankly speaking in every age there is someone who represents the very spirit of that age. Thus Tennyson in his poetry expresses the very spirit of victorian age.

The poetry of Alfred Tennyson is an epitome of victorian age. It exhibits the spiritual problems of the time. It also highlights the ideas,feelings and manners of that period. For nearly half a century, the poet serves as a spokesman of the British people. He expresses their doubt and faith , griefs and triuphs. In fact victorian period was a period of peace and prosperity in home and abroad. In this period, the expansion of the British empire spread over a very large portion of the world. The english nation was propering and growing richer and richer day by day. This prosperity occurred particularly in the industrial and scientific fields. All these are vividly reflected in Tennyson’s poetry. Therefore Tennyson is the representative of victorian age.

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