Tennis Vocabulary, Cricket Vocabulary, Football Vocabulary and Golf Vocabulary

                         Tennis Vocabulary       

ace, advantage, backhand, ballperson, ballboy/girl/kid, baseline, break, break point, crosscourt, deuce, double fault, doubles, drop shot, fault, forehand, game, game point, Grand Slam, groundstroke, let, line judge, lob, love, match point, mixed doubles, net, racket / racquet, rally, receiver, return, serve, set, set point, tiebreaker, umpire, volley

                          Cricket Vocabulary

all-rounder, bails, batting average, boundary, bowl, bowled, bowler, bowling average, bye, catch, century, crease, cut (shot), delivery, dismiss, drive (shot), duck, extra, fast (bowling/bowler), fielder, four, full toss, hook (shot), innings, lbw / leg before wicket, leg break, leg side, leg spin (bowling/bowler), maiden over, medium-pace (bowling/bowler), no-ball, off break, off side, off spin (bowling/bowler), one-day cricket, over, overarm (bowling), pace (bowling/bowler), pads, pitch (also “wicket”), pull (shot), shot, single, six, spin (bowling/bowler), swing (bowling/bowler), Test match, wicket, wicket-keeper, wide


                          Football Vocabulary

assistant referee, corner kick, defender, dive, draw, extra time, foul, goal, goalkeeper, goal line, handball, league, offside, pass, penalty, penalty area, penalty kick, penalty shootout, penalty spot, pitch, professional, red card, shoot, striker, substitute, tackle, tactical, throw in, touchline, wall, yellow card


                        Golf Vocabulary

Albatross, birdie (n), birdie (v), bogey (n), bogey (v), break, buggy (also cart or golf cart), bunker, caddie, chip (n), chip (v), course (also golf course), divot, dog leg, double bogey, drive, driver, eagle, fade, fairway, flag stick, green, grip, hazard, hole, hook (n), hook (v), irons, lie, links, par, pitch-and-run, putt (n), putt (v), putter, rough, round, shoot, shot, slice (n), slice (v), stroke or shot, swing, tee, tee box, tee off, tee shot, woods

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