Teaching Gives Women a better opportunity

A. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions following it.

The first thing is that teaching gives women a better opportunity to take care of both home and career.

Very few people realize the amount of work that a teacher has to do .A teacher not only has to take classes but also has to asses students test and exam scripts after class hours . Also you have to study and aware of the latest findings and developments in the field of teaching . In the university teaching profession ,a good postgraduate degree from a well known university is essential for a better career path . However ,you can develop as a teacher by doing refresher courses from time to time ,by doing study and research ,most importantly by cooperating with your colleagues .

Opportunities for professional development exist equally for every one in teaching .Yet due to social and family circumstances ,it often becomes difficult for women to take them .Thus they fall behind in the merit race .It is not that easy for a woman to leave her family and home behind in order to receive training abroad ,even sometimes within the country .

The important thing in any woman’s successful career is the support she gets from her family .This is something that can make or break her career.

Things are definitely changing though the change is slow and there is much scope for improvement .The new generations of women in the work place seem more assertive and confident in their work .They are more organized and have a lot more courage than what we had in our day .I feel that the new generation of women can go far into their career as they now have more confidence in themselves.

At first, you have to get good qualifications .Qualifications are something that can never be taken away from you .Plan your career as early as possible and try to make a choice that allows you to give back something to your society.

1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives: 5

(a)The word ‘confident’ means…………

         i) Feeling sure about one’s own ability           ii) feeling proud of things

          iii) Having capacity to do things                   iv) Having firmness to do things

(b)The new generations of women are more assertive .Here the word ‘assertive’ means…

          i) submissive                ii) boldly expressive       iii) positive    iv) narrative

(c)The noun from of “Courage” is…………….

          i) encourage        ii) encouragement     iii) courageous    iv) career

(d)Actually women’s successful career depends on ……..she gets from her family.

     i)assistance       ii)insistence      iii)money      iv)barrier

(e)A teacher’s duty is ……..

      i)to conduct     ii)to check exam scripts

      iii)to set questions                  iv)all of the above

2.Write whether the following statements are true or false .If false give the correct answer:5

(a)For the betterment of the career a teacher has to receive pedagogical training.

(b)No gender discrimination exists in teaching profession.

(c)The new generation of women is reluctant in pursuing the career.

(d)Women face no problem in pursuing their career.

(e)Teaching is a gender based profession.

3.Fill in each blank in the following passage with a suitable word from the box below . There are more words than necessary :5

work lot must few take whose
have profession improve update preposition conjunction

(a)………..people do not know that a teacher has to do a (b)………of work .They think that a teacher (c)……..to spend not more than 5-6 hours in their (d)…….place. Women (e)…….have (f)……..up teaching as a (g)……..are able to look after their home and also (h)……in their career .(i)…….be a good teacher one has to be (j)……….about the latest findings and developments in the field of teaching.

4.Read the passage in ‘A’ again. Now ,write a paragraph based on the information from the text about ‘teaching as a profession for a woman’. Use the clues in the box below .Write the information in the correct sequence as it appears in the text .The paragraph should not exceed 70 words :5

Amount of work ——-latest findings ——–cooperation ———training ——–go far

5.Read the passage in ‘A’ again. Now, answer the following questions in your own words:5

    (a)Why can’t women go ahead with their career ?

    (b)What roles does the family play for a successful career of a women ?

    (c)What sort of profession do you think the speaker has taken up ?

    (d)What is the pre-condition of being a university teacher ?

    (e)What are the new generations of female teachers like ?

6.Fill in each gap with a suitable word of your own based on the information from the text in ‘A’:5

    A teacher (a)…….has to take classes (b)……..has to (c)……..students (d)………and exam (e)……..after class hour .Also you have to (f)……….and (g)…….aware of the (h)……..finding and (i)…….in the field of (j)………

7.Read the passage in ‘A’ again. Suppose you are a teacher in a school .Now ,write in about 70-80 words on the duties you have to perform.

8.Read the passage in ‘A’ again. Now ,write the main ideas of the passage in your own words in not more than five sentences.5

9.Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box .There are more words than necessary .10

transactions changed internet network buzzword instantaneous
mainly technology mutual revolutionary financial transfer

Globalization has become (a)……… in the new era of international relations. It is (b) ……..connected with business, trade and international relations .It is largely based on a strong (c)……….foundation .The electronic (d)…….of information via the (e)………has now created an (f)……..and interconnected world of information resulting in a 24 hour trading (g)………This technology has largely (h)……….banking and (i)…….activities. World wide money transfer and (j)……..of business have now become matter of clicking of the mouse of a computer.

10.Complete the following passage using suitable worlds .Use only one world for each gap .10

Self-control is the root of all (a)…….. Let a man give the reign to his impulses and (b)…..and from that moment yield up his moral freedom .He is carried along the current of life and becomes the slave of his strongest (c)…….. . To be (d)……free ,to be more than animal ,man must be able to resist his (e)……..impulses and this can only be done by the (f)…….of self-control .This is the power which constitutes other real (g)…….between physical and moral life .And it also forms the (h)……basis of the individual character .The stronger man is he who by discipline exercises a constant control over his (i)……..his acts .Nine tenth of vicious desires that degrade society and when indulge well into the crime that (j)…….it would shrink into insignificance before that advance of valiant self-disciple , self-respect and self-control.

11.Read the following table and make ten meaningful sentence .10

Mount Everest are the first to survey the Himalayas.
It was in the Himalayan Mountains.
But climbing is difficult and dangerous because there is snow all over .
The Everest might be exciting and challenging to them always .
There has named after an Englishman named George Everest.
Mountaineers fascinated in the north of India between Tibet and Nepal .
Mountains seems snow slides and cracks under ice and snow.
He difficult and dangerous .
daring people.
the climbers always.

12.Rearrange the following sentences according to sequence and rewrite them in a paragraph .10

(a)His famous lyric ‘Ode to the West Wind’ was written in 1819.

(b)On their way back ,Shelley and William were drowned by a sudden storm on July 8,1822.

(c)At the age of 18,he went to Oxford University .

(d)One day Shelley and his friend William set sail in his boat Aerial for Leghorn .

(e)He was born on August 4,1792 at Sussex in England.

(f)When he was a boy of twelve, he was sent to ‘Eton’.

(g)His father Timmotty Shelley was a country landlord .

(h)But after one year he was expelled from the university for writing a pamphlet entitled ‘The Necessity of Atheism’.

(i)Percy Bysshe Shelley was a romantic poet of the early 19th century .

(j)From his boyhood Shelley was a boy of meditative and studious .

13.Imagine that you have bought a computer and you would like to know how to use the internet .Now ,read the questions and write a paragraph answering them .10

a. What is internet ?

b.What does it require to get an internet connection ?

c.How many types of internet are there ?

d.How does internet get connected ?

e.What is the usefulness of internet ?

14.Imagine ,you are Atik/Atika living at Dattapara ,Sadar ,Lakshmipur .Very recently ,you have made friendship with Edmund Lee ,a non-Bangladeshi friend who lives at Parkville Street ,Melbourne ,Australia .He is interested to know about Bangladesh and her people .10

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