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Aristotle’s Concept of Unity in Poetry

Aristotle’s Unities Aristotle is one of the greatest Greek philosophers who gave an excellent concept on the poetry. In his “Poetics,” he examined plays as a separate art form and discussed how they differed from epic poetry. He deduced the elements that created a successful tragedy. According to his concept, there are three unities in …

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Observance and Nonobservance of three Unities in Drama

 Introduction: The unities (unity of time, unity of place and unity of action) figure prominently in debate which takes place in Dryden’s essay. Each of the four speakers has some observations to make as regards to the unities. Here Dryden’s observations are mentioned-

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Aristotelian Concept of Plot

Aristotelian concept of plot and how far is it applicable in King Oedipus Definition of Plot:  Generally plot is a small piece of ground which is used for a specific purpose.  According to the concept of Aristotle, a plot is the very life and soul of tragedy and it must have a beginning, middle and an …

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