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Literary Term

1. Drama: Drama is a form of literature which is written in dramatic dialogue form to be performed by some characters on the stage before the audience. A drama can be compared to the mountain. It comes to life when it is taken in the performance of actors who accept the roles of characters and speak the dialogues.

William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18


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Short note on Shakespeare’s Sonnets

What is Sonnet? Write a short note on Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

Definition of Sonnet: A sonnet is a short lyrical poem of fourteen iambic pentameter lines that are linked by an intricate (difficult) rhyme scheme. Each of the fourteen lines consists of five meters for which it is called pentameter. Again each of the fleet consists of an unaccented and an accented syllable or sound units for which it is called iambic. Sonnet is divided into two parts. First eight lines are called octet and next six lines are called sestet. Read More

Literary Term: Symbol, Alliteration, Personification, Line, verse, and stanza, Image and Imagery,

1. Symbol: A word which has another meaning or even several meanings is called symbol. For example, a sword may be a sword and also symbolize justice.

2. Alliteration:  Alliteration means the repetition of the same sound beginning several words in sequence. Read More