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A Slide on Article

An excellent slide on Article   Model Content, Unit-11, Lesson-1, Article (Use of a,an)  

Rules of Articles

 One > an > a : এক = একটি = একজন This/that > the : টি = টা = খানা = খানি Where they are used: a/ an Or the + singular countable noun : a hat, the hat the Or zero + plural countable : the hats, hats the Or zero + uncountable : …

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DHAKA BOARD-2009 A brilliant student is (a) — asset. One day he may be (b) — engineer or (c) — M. B. B. S doctor. He makes (d) — best use of his time. He makes a proper division of his time and does’ his duties accordingly. He knows that youth is (e) — golden …

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