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Exercise on Preposition

Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition

1.  A pious man is absorbed (a) ____meditation. He has firm faith (b) _____the Almighty. He abides (c) _____the rules of religion. He clings (d) ______ his faith. He knows that man is accountable to the Almighty (e) ________his action. So, he leads his life according to religion. He is not angry (f) _____anybody. Read More

Model Test for Class Seven

1. Change the sentences according to the direction                                                                                  05

  1. Mother said to her son, “Do you complete your work?”
  2. The teacher said to the students, “Always speak the truth.”
  3. “Did you play football yesterday?” John said to Jahid.
  4. He said, “How beautiful the birds sing!” Read More

The parts of speech,kinds of parts of speech with definition and examples.

The parts of speech:
Every word of a sentence is a parts of speech.

There are 8 kinds of parts of speech.
They are: Read More

Grammertical Term

Active verb: The subject does the action of the verb: Subject verb object
e.g. The boy hit the ball.

Adjective: A word that modifies a noun (someone or something).
e.g. The little boy hit the big, blue, ball. Read More

Model Test on Preposition 04

Preposition Model Test 04

16. The moon is a very familiar figure (a) — all of us. She awakens a feeling (b) — love and tenderness in our hearts. Even the infant in arms stretches (c) — its hands to grasp this beautiful object. Nor is her appeal confined (d) — only children. Ever since the stirring of the poetic faculty in man, she has furnished a theme (e) — poets and artists. Read More

Model Test on Preposition 02

Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition.

6. You know that Bangladesh is a tropical country. It has a moderate climate. The climate is greatly influenced (a) — the monsoon which is a seasonal wind, it blows (b) — from the Bay of Bengal. It is from south west (c) — our country and parts of India from April to October. Crops are damaged. House and trees are wiped (d) — . Man and property are washed (e) —. Read More

Model Test on Preposition 01

Preposition Model Test 01

1. In my childhood I had a close relation (a) — the river Dhaleswari. It was then a river (b) — great importance. The village of my maternal grandfather was (c) — the bank of this river. When I had been there, I always bathed (d) — this river. Alas! I do not go there for long. Because all my maternal uncles have left the village home and moved (e) — town. Read More