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Bangladesh is a land of river and also famous for various gifts of nature. It is enriched with various natural and man-made foods. Fruit is one of the appreciated natural gifts. Read More



Poppy is an excellent flower which is a member of flowering plants. The tree of poppy and its flower look very charming. It smells sweet and grows well in the plenty field. The plant of golden poppy has Fern-like leaves and it has single flowers on a long stalk. The leaves of poppy are about 3/4-4″ and they are divided into narrow parts on long stalks. Several time poppies are used for symbolic reasons.

North South University

           North South University

North South University started its journey in 1993 as the first private university in Bangladesh. From the beginning to now it keeps the hights position from all the sections like: quality, qualification, environment and other parts. Read More