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An Exclusive Suggestion For JSC Examination- 2018

Mazhar”s Technical Suggestion/An Exclusive Suggestion For JSC Examination- 2018

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Exercise on Voice Change

1. Let me write a letter.  2. He died of cholera. 3. What did they pay you for doing the work? 4. He decided to sell the house. 5. Fortune favors the brave.   6. I felt the weather cool. 7. Pluck me a flower. 8. I have to do it for the benefit of our family. 9. He suggests to hold a party. 10. I want him to do the work. 11. He is thought to be a teacher. 12. I know what he reads. 13. Does he speak English well?

Practice on Voice Change

Change the voices from active to passive and passive to active

  1. Pluck me a flower.
  2. His behavior surprised me.
  3. The novels of Md. Jafor Iqbal interested me.
  4. Newspaper contains daily news.
  5. Who knows you here?

Exercise on Voice Change

Exercise on Voice Change
1. Let him say whatever he likes.
Let him be said whatever he likes.
2. Do away with it.
Let it be done away with.
3. He let me sing.
I was let sing by him.
4. Such cruelty cannot be tolerated.
We cannot tolerate such cruelty.

Voice Change

Model Test on Voice Change

Marks: 1×50=50                                                                    Time: 1 hour Read More