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A Dialogue on Early Rising

A dialogue between two friends about early rising.

Friend :Hi friend, How are you?

Myself :I am fine and you? Read More

A Dialogue about the importance of early rising

A dialogue between two friends about the importance of early rising.

Asif    :  I have heard that you get up early in the morning and walk        Read More

A paragraph about ‘Early rising’

                     Early Rising

         Early rising is the habit of getting up from bed in the morning. It is a good habit . It is good for health. The man who rises early in the morning can take fresh air, exercise or walk in the open field. The morning air refreshes both body and mind. The air is full of oxygen.

Paragraph on Early Rising

                               Early Rising

There is a proverb in English that, “Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”  Early rising is the habit of getting up early in the morning from bed. If we wish to rise early in the morning, we can make it into a habit. This habit is very useful to a man. It improves our health and mind and gives us energy. A man, who gets up early in the morning, Read More