Tag: Definition of Invocation


Invocation: Invocation is the noun form of invocate that means to seek inspiration, courage, encourage and guidance from the goddess when somebody is going to start any hard work; especially in the beginning of an Epic. As an epic is a hard and long narrative poem, on a great and serious subject, so before writing the …

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Literary Term: Symbol, Alliteration, Personification, Line, verse, and stanza, Image and Imagery,

1. Symbol: A word which has another meaning or even several meanings is called symbol. For example, a sword may be a sword and also symbolize justice. 2. Alliteration:  Alliteration means the repetition of the same sound beginning several words in sequence. 3. Personification: Personification is the attribution of personality to an impersonal thing.    4. Line, verse, and …

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