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Transformation of Sentence

PRACTICE SHEET on TRANSFORMATION OF SENTENCES (Simple, Complex, Compound) NB: Identify the sentence type & transform into the remaining two   Though he was learned, he did not get a good job. A friend who is true stands by his friend in time of need. They saw a ship that was coming to them. They saw …

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Grammertical Term

A Active verb: The subject does the action of the verb: Subject verb object e.g. The boy hit the ball. Adjective: A word that modifies a noun (someone or something). e.g. The little boy hit the big, blue, ball. Adjective clause: A dependent clause that modifies (describes) a noun. Another name is a relative clause. …

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Rules of Transformation

 Rules of Transformation   Simple Complex Compound 1. Too…….to (ব্যক্তি সংক্রান্ত) The boy is too weak to walk. 1. So……..that (sub. যদি ব্যক্তিসংক্রান্ত হয়) The boy is so weak that he cannot walk. 1.and/and so The boy is very weak and he cannot walk. 2. Too…… (for) to (sub. যদি বস্তু সংক্রান্ত হয়)The load is too heavy for me to lift. 2. So….. that …

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