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Completing Sentence

All Board Questions with solution All Board Questions with solution
01. (DB’11)

a) We should say ‘no’ to corruption because —. Read More

Rules of Completing Sentence

Completing Sentence

Section – 1 (Relative Pronoun)

Part-1: Read More

Model Test for Class Seven

1. Change the sentences according to the direction                                                                                  05

  1. Mother said to her son, “Do you complete your work?”
  2. The teacher said to the students, “Always speak the truth.”
  3. “Did you play football yesterday?” John said to Jahid.
  4. He said, “How beautiful the birds sing!” Read More

Conditional sentences

Conditional sentences: There are three kinds of conditional sentence. They are 1. 1st condition 2. 2nd condition 3. 3rd condition.

1.1st condition: If+sub+present form of verb,sub+will/shall/can/may +present form of verb.
Examples:a.If you come, I will go.
b.If you work hard , you will prosper in life.
c.If you study hard, you will pass.
d. If it rains, I will not go there. Read More

English 2nd Paper: Completing Sentence Example

Dear students,
I’m new here and I’ll try to provide you Important tips and tutorials on your study. In SSC English you are to learn how to  complete incomplete sentences in your own,  Today I ‘m going to present you some important questions of completing sentences of almost all the rules. Try these ownself. I’ll write the answers in my next post. Think it will be helpful for you.