Tag Questions

Most important tag questions for SSC Examination 

Make tag questions of these situations:

1. a) But nobody likes an ill-mannered man, ———-?

b) He seldom comes here, ——–?

c) Polluted air causes different diseases, ———-?

d) So, all of us ought to be careful about polluted water, ———-?

e) Writing many letters makes him happy, ———-?

2. a) Let’s visit Foy’s Lake today, ———-?

b) But if rain does not stop, we cannot start our journey, ———-?

c) Why don’t we start now? It’s only drizzling, ———-?                           

d) The spot is hardly seen from here, ———-?                                               

e) So, we should put off our visit, ———-?                                                       

3. a) ‘You’ is a pronoun, ———-?

b) A man like you should not do this, ———-?

c) We suppose, the ship cast anchor ———-?

d) One lie begets hundred lies, ———-?

e) Apu and not his friends completed the work, ———-?

4. a) Nobody was present yesterday, ———-?

b) The widower shut the door, ———-?

c) Writing many letters makes him happy, ———-?                                                    

d) Let him enjoy the farewell dinner, ———-?                                                         

e) I’d help you if you came here, ———-?

5. a) We all should love our country, ———-?

b) The persons who love their country are called patriots, ———-?

c) Look at the lives of the patriots, ———-?                                                    

d) Nobody hates them, ———-?                                                                   

e) Let’s become patriots, ———-?

6. a) The mother rose in her seeing the pathetic scene of the child, ———-?

b) Kindly do me a favor, ———-?                                                                

c) Telling lies is a great sin, ———-?                                                            

d) None believes a liar, ———-?                                                                   

e) He has a little idea about the matter, ———-?

7. a) One lie begets hundred lies, ———-?

b) Human beings hardly believe a liar, ———-?                                                               

c) We believe that nobody will derail from the path of truthfulness, ——-?                                                                                                                          

d) Everybody should realize the truth, ———-?                                                        

e) He along with his friends went there, ———-?

8. a) The mother rose in her, ———-?

b) It is I who am a student of class ten, ———-?

c) Everybody knew the matter, ———-?

d) Walk fast lest you should be late, ———-?

e) Barking dogs seldom bite, ———-?

9. a) What you need to be happy in life is contentment, ———-?

b) But everybody hardly forgets golden past, ———-?

c) Waste not want not, ———-?                                                                          

d) The jury gave the same opinion, ———-?                                                                   

e) That he was innocent was proved, ———-?

10. a) What is lotted cannot be blotted, ———?

b) None is to none under the sun, ———?

c) Let it, ———?

d) One can do it, ———?

e) How odd, ———?



          Directed by:

                     Mahbub Murad (Lecturer in English)                                                                                                          

                     Examiner: Dhaka Board 

                    Writer: Naba Puthighar Publication;

                    Founder: Online Educare.com;  fb/mmuraddu

                    Cell: 01761519111


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