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: The mosque of your area is very old, (a) isn’t it?

: Yes, it is. It was established long ago. Your forefathers built it, (b) didn’t they?

: I have heard. But I am not sure. You say your prayer here, (c) don’t you?

: Sometimes here, and sometimes at the city mosque. Mr. Mamun has built it. (d) hasn’t he?

: Yes, he has. It cost a huge sum of money, (e) didn’t it?

: Of course, it did.

: None can escape death, (a) can they?

: Yes, nothing is permanent in this world, (b) are they?

: Still there are many who behave as if they were born never to die. (c) aren’t there?

: And so they hardly hesitate to amass wealth by deceiving others, (d) do they?

: It is, in fact, a major cause of corruption in our country, (e) isn’t it?


: I know you are not a liar, (a) are you?

: Nobody believes a liar, (b) do they?

: A liar may apparently gain his ends and objectives, (c) mayn’t he?

: But ultimately he is rejected everywhere, (d) isn’t he?

: He cannot advance forward, (e) can he?

: Therefore, we should always speak the truth.

: Jashim is going abroad for a job, (a) isn’t he?

: Yes, he is. But I think he’ll make a mistake, (b) won’t he?

: You’re right. But he has no alternative, (c) has he?

: Certainly he has. He can run a business in the country, (d) can’t he?

: Yes, he can, but he has not enough money, (e) has he?


: He should borrow money from one of his near and dear ones.

: Do you like travelling?

: Yes, I do.

: But travelling is of great use to us, (a) isn’t it?

: It widens our outlook and orientation, (b) doesn’t it?

: It also enriches our knowledge and wisdom, (c) doesn’t it?

: So, you should feel interested in travelling, (d) shouldn’t you?

: But it is expensive.

: Besides, travelling has hazards, (e) hasn’t it?

: Right you are.

: You’re marrying Tamanna, (a) aren’t you?

: No, not now. Unless I know her well, I can’t, (b) can I?

: Of course, not. Well, you had better see her first, (c) hadn’t you?

: Yes, I’ll see her. You’re accompanying me. (d) aren’t you?

: Why not. You believe me fully, (e) don’t you?

: Of course, hundred per cent.

: I think they can’t do this, (a) can they?

: No, they can’t. It is unlawful, (b) isn’t it?

: Their motive is not good, (c) isn’t it?

: They’ve been influenced by someone else, (d) haven’t they?

: If so, they’ll make a great mistake, (e) won’t they?

: I think so.

: Tragedy has often shaped life of our people, (a) hasn’t it?

: It’s partially true. But we need not be pessimistic, (b) need we?

: Perhaps you have a lot of things that make you so optimistic. But I don’t (c) do I?

: You see, our garments sector is flourishing, (d) isn’t it?

: You see, recently this sector faces tough competition in the world market, (e) can’t you?

: Hurrah! Nipa’s got golden A+, (a) hasn’t she?

: Yeah, you’re right.

: We must inform her of the good news, (b) mustn’t we?

: Of course, we’ll congratulate her too, (c) won’t we?

: Here is her cell-phone number, (d) isn’t it?

: Thanks a lot. Let’s call her up, (e) shall we?

: You aren’t setting up a private clinic, (a) are you?

: No. riot yet. Unless I can have money for the purpose. I can’t, (b) can I?

: Of course, not. But you can manage a partner, (c) can’t you?

: Yes. I can. But a joint venture is risky, (d) isn’t it?

: I’m not at one with you unless you have honesty, trustworthy and huge money.

: Well, you can be my partner, (e) can’t you?

: Let me have time to think about it.

: You aren’t supporting Siam, (a) are you?

: No, I can’t. He is a rogue, (b) isn’t he?

: Certainly he is. I’d better support Belal. (c) hadn’t I?

: I think so. I’ve heard your brother has already withdrawn his support, (d) hasn’t he?

: Yes, he has. He can’t win in the election, (e) can he?

: I’m afraid he can’t.

: You are not joining the firm, (a) are you?

: No, it’s not so good as I thought, (b) is it?

: No. yet you should join, (c) shouldn’t you?

: I admit I should. Yet I’m waiting for another job.

: No need. You should join as your father can’t earn (d) can he?

: No, he can’t. He, too, has advised me to look for another job. I should follow his advice, (e) shouldn’t I?

: Then you should.

: Shahid had gone there, (a) hadn’t he?

: He would go there, (b) wouldn’t he?

: Samol earned a lot of money, (c) didn’t he?

: Masum had a sharp knowledge, (d) didn’t he?/hadn’t he?

: She didn’t stop the quarrel, (e) did she?

: He bought a piano? (a) didn’t he?

: Fire burns, (b) doesn’t he?

: The sun is hot today, (c) isn’t he?

: You had better go home now, (d) didn’t you?

: There is a girls’ high school in our village, (e) isn’t there?

: I am used to reading newspaper, (a) aren’t I?

: He is used to writing letters, (b) isn’t he?

: There was no hospital in our native village, (c) is there?

: She would rather go home, (d) didn’t you?

: The boat is carrying many passengers, (e) isn’t she?

: Few politicians are really honest, (a) are they?

: Floods hardly visit London and Iran, (b) do they?

: Either of the boys helped their father, (c) didn’t they?

: Everything was impossible for him, (d) wasn’t it?

: Nothing is certain, (e) is it?

: One must obey one’s elders, (a) mustn’t they?
: Every student learns his lessons, (b) don’t they?

: Nobody is absent, (c) are they?

: Neither of the boys was/were present there, (d) were they?

: We never say what will happen tomorrow,(e) do we?

: Some of us knew the house, (a) didn’t we?
: All of us have heard the name of Khan Jahan Ali, (b) .haven’t we?

: None of you went there, (c) did you?

: Let her pluck the flowers, (d) will you?

: Don’t make a noise, (e) will you?

: Let us walk by the river side, (a) shall we?
: Eat fresh vegetables, (b) won’t you?

: The birds fly in the sky, (c) don’t they?

: The boys do not run in the sun, (d) do they?

: Drink milk, (e) won’t you?

: Father used to recite from the Holy Quran, (a) didn’t he?         
: Death lays his icy hands on everybody, (b) doesn’t he?

: Please tell me how I can do it, (c) won’t you?

: Unless you walk fast, you will miss the train, (d) won’t you?

: I feel you go there, (e) don’t you?


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