Tag Question for HSC 2015

Lecture – 01 on Tag Question & Voice  for HSC Examinees – 2015


Tag questions:


A barking dog seldom bites, ___?                                         I have never seen him, ___?

A story is told by him, ___?                                                   I’m your friend, ___?

Bangladesh is a small country, ___?                                     Kindly do me a favor, ___?

Birds can fly, ___?                                                                    Last night he had a sound sleep, ____?

Birds can’t swim, ___?                                                            Let me do the work, ___?

Economics is my favorites subject, ___?                               Let us discuss the topic, ____?

Every mother loves her child, ___?                                       Let’s discuss the matter, ____?

Everybody is dancing,___?                                                    Mr. Box teaches us English, ____?

Everything looks beautiful, ___?                                           Neither of them complained, ____?

Fire burns, ___?                                                                        Nobody believes a liar, ____?

Fishes can swim, ___?                                                             Nobody phoned, ____?

Fortune favours the brave, ___?                                            None can do it, ____?

He put the book on the table, ____?                                      Nothing is impossible, ____?

He seldom comes here, ___?                                                  Respect the old, ____?

How sweet the bird sings. ___?                                             Shut up, ____?

I am a student, ____?                                                               The brave deserve the fair, ____?

I hardly visit my friends, ___?                                               You dare not drive at night, ____?

The wind blows, ___?                                                             There is a mistake, ____?

There is no king in Chine, ___?                                            We ought to love our country, ____?

We shall go there, ____?                                                         The mother rose in her to see the pathetic scene of a  child, ____?

What do we know about Voice?

A point of making Passive Voice

Passive Voice with modal auxiliary verb

Varied prepositions after past participle in Passive Voice

Some practices in Bangla Sentences

Some practices in English Sentence

Other practices

More advance:


A point of making Passive Voice

Be verb + Verb (past participle) = Passive Voice

Be verb:

Present forms – am, is, are

Past forms – was, were

Past participle – been

Ing-forms – being


Passive Voice with modal auxiliary verb

Modal Auxiliary Verb + be + Verb-3 = Passive Voice

Varied prepositions after past participle in Passive Voice

… … Verb-3 + by (person)

… … Verb-3 + with (things)

… … know   + to

… … … worried + about

…… … frightened + of

Contained/ embodied/ interested + in

Annoyed/ alarmed/ disappointed/ displeased/ surprised + at


Some practices in English Sentence:

I gladly accepted the invitation.

Socrates knew that well.

His writing awakened the sleeping people of this sub-continent.

They pulled her up in to the boat.

She ordered her huntsman to kill Snow White.

It stores honey in the hives.

Everybody loves flowers.

Almost all like it.

He was digging holes in several places.

We ought to preserve this precious wildlife from the extinctions by any means.

Only for practice:

The govt. has taken necessary steps to eradicate illiteracy.

He cultivates rice.

We should control it for our own sake.

It upholds the society, art and culture of a country.

Everybody hates a dishonest man.

Various elements cause air pollution.

His works pleased the relation. Many believe that English helps people to act good jobs and better salaries.

Other practices:

My book was stolen.

He is not known here.

He is called a liar.

English is spoken all over the world.

The thief was arrested.

The tree has been uprooted.

Rome was not built in a day.

Promise should be kept.

This building was built in 1999.


More advance:

The lives of the people of Bangladesh have been shaped by tragedy.

They were attracted by a band of robbers.

A true friend is hardly found.

So, His early life was spent in luxury.

Nowadays books are published in huge quantity.


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