Synonyms from Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part I)

Lesson: 38 Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part I)

Main Word Similar Word
Lived Subsisted, existed, Survived, stayed.  
Support Care, Lead, Help, maintain
Street Road, way, lane, path, highway
All of a sudden Suddenly, abruptly, Speedily, quickly, unexpectedly
stranger Foreigner, visitor, unfamiliar person, new comer, unknown face
Come Derive, arise, appear, originate
dead Gone, late, lifeless, departed
elder Leader, senior, head, chief
Give Provide, pay, offer, contribute
Piece Part, section, portion
Tell Express, say, speak, convey
Cook Prepare, boil, fry, make   
Eat Plague, take, have
Surprised Astonished, amazed, shocked,  
Bring Carry, take, Pass, transport  
living Existing, surviving, breathing, active   
Silent Still, noiseless, soundless, mute, quiet
Earn Produce, receive, make, get
Sell Trade, retail, shift, vend
Hear Receive, overhear, get, catch
Kindness Sympathy, gentleness, humanity, thoughtfulness, compassion


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