Summary of The Traffic Police

The Traffic Police

Amidst killer speeds I stand

Facing the traffic, stretching my hand.

I am seen on kidsÕ books and as cartoons everywhere

Educating people and asking them to beware

Of the erratic traffic and the signboards

Seen on almost all the roads.

So that youÕre safe I see each one of you

But my sweat, my plight on the road sees who?

Be it sunny or rainy,

For your safety I must be

Vigil and agile, on the middle

Standing erect, as fit as a fiddle.

Oh! My ear hurts! Oh! My head aches!

Oh! Look at the weather…such unpredictable days!

But I cannot swerve; I must be on duty.

I care for your safety.

Be it noisy or dusty; Be it sunny or rainy;

I must be on duty. I care for your safety.

Summary: A traffic police is a very dutiful and hard working person. He stands amid the speedy movement of vehicles on the road. He does this risky and sweating job for the public safety. But people do not understand and properly evaluate his work. The poet wants to honor the traffic police, who makes an important role in the society in spite of being deprived.  (Collected from Anupam Publication)

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