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Summary of The Lamb by William Blake


Summary of The Lamb by William Blake

Summary: In the beginning of the song the speaker who is a child is very curious about the creature of the lamb. So, he asks the lamb about its origins and he wants to know where they come from. Then he repeats his question in a slightly different way.  Gradually, the speaker wants to know who gave the lamb life and that voracious appetite for greenery that leads it to travel by streams and over meadows. He explains that the lamb has a creator who gave it “clothing of delight,” which sounds like the next high-end fashion line. 

This clothing is advertised as “the softest” and “wooly bright.” The speaker doesn’t seem to mind the redundancy of describing lamb’s wool as “wooly.” He admires its wool and says the wool looks “bright” because it gleams in the sun. The lamb also has a voice so “tender” that it makes the valleys happy as its baa-ing echoes through them. So, when the lamb speaks, the valleys seem to reply with the same joyful voice. Then the speaker announces that he will tell the lamb who its creator is. The speaker now starts talking in riddles that avoid a clear answer. The creator shares the same name as the lamb. In fact, the lamb’s name is “Lamb,” and so is the creator’s. In this song, The Lamb is a symbol for Jesus Christ. In John 29 of the Bible, Jesus is called “The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.” Again the speaker exposes himself to be a child. At last the speaker blesses the lamb twice, completing the pattern in which the lamb is addressed as “thee” two times at the beginning and end of each stanza.


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