Summary of the Good Morrow

I swear, I am surprised, what you and did I before we fall in love with each other. Perhaps we were than so little kids that we used to suck our mothers’ breast. Possibly, we were very little children and passed times in rustic pleasures. We slept very deeply like the seven brothers who passed two hundred years in deep sleep.  Before we fall in love we were so. However, in comparison to the pleasure of our present love, all the past pleasures were desires. Because if ever I have dream any beautiful women it is only you.

Since we have become aware that we are in each other’s love, welcome to it. Now we have no doubt about each other. Because, when a person falls in love with other person, the power of true love prevents him or her from falling in love with other man or woman. In such a case, the lovers become so content that they feel that their limited space is the whole world. The sea explores may discover new islands and cartographers may add to their maps new islands, but we are pleased to have our own world; we need nothing more. Each of us have one world but we together make a single world.

After falling in love, your image is in my eyes, and my image is in your eyes. Our true and simple faith in each other has been reflected in our faces. Where are two better hemispheres in which there are no frozen areas or sun setting? (We are like two hemispheres but we do not have freezing cold area or inconstant temperature). When several elements are mixed in wrong proportion they do not long last. We have equal intensity of passion or right proportion of passion in our love, and so, our love will never die and it will contain even after our death.

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