Summary of Love and Friendship by William Shakespeare

Love and Friendship by William Shakespeare

Blow, blow, thou winter wind,

Thou art not so unkind

As man’s ingratitude ;

Thy tooth is not so keen,

Because thou art not seen,

Although thy breath be rude.

Heigh-ho! sing heigh-ho! unto the green holly:

Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly:

Then heigh-ho, the holly!

This life is most jolly……….

Summary: It’s a song taken from William Shakespeare’s play ‘As You Like It’. Here the poet thinks that human friendship is feigning and hypocritical. It has no depth or significance. So, he glorifies winter wind and invites it to blow. He thinks that winter wind is not as unkind as man’s ingratitude. That’s why; he prefers winter wind, which has no sensation to human beings.

(Collected from Anupam Publication)

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